Lady Rainbow

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Classroom Stories

Pre-School Classrooms ....... $125.00

Elementary School Classrooms ..... $175.00

School Auditoriums ....... $325.00

Birthday Parties

Pre-School Classrooms ....... $150.00

Elementary School Classrooms ..... $200.00

Your home ....... $225.00

(ask about the different rental packages available to you when hosting your party at the VILLAGE)

Birthday Grams


(prices may vary depending on geographic area)


Theater rates

A great alternative to babysitting

$7.50 per child, per one and 1/2 hour In-home rates

 $37.00 1st hour then $12.00 per child, per hour at your home.

(ask about family in-home rate specials)



     Lady Rainbow tells stories from her children's book.  Her primary targets are pre-k and elementary schools.  Classroom stories last  approximately 20 to 30 minutes.  Each child receives an autographed picture of Lady Rainbow upon her departure.  

     Auditorium or large group stories last approximately 45 minutes.  Each child receives an autographed picture of Lady Rainbow and an  opportunity to purchase a Lady Rainbow book. 

Birthday Parties

     Lady Rainbow visits classrooms and surprise a birthday girl or boy on their special day.  Classroom birthday parties last approximately 30 minutes.  The story that she reads will be from a book with the birthday child's name as the title, featuring the birthday child as the main character, with his or her picture on the cover!  This book, along with other gifts, will be presented to the birthday child as a keepsake.  Before departing Lady Rainbow autographs her pictures for the entire classroom and leaves the birthday child with an honorary Rainbow Village membership card, giving them the responsibility to remind their peers to, "Always do good... as you know you should"

(video footage of event available upon request)       

Birthday Grams

     Lady Rainbow will deliver your birthday gift, along with a message and a song to that special person in your life.  Whether it be a classroom or boardroom, Lady Rainbow loves a great surprise.


     Lady Rainbow is a great alternative to babysitting.  She will entertain your child with stories and games that encourage them to "always do good."  Take an hour or two, just for you!  Whether you decide to take in a movie, go shopping or dinner and dancing, Lady Rainbow is your answer.