Lady Rainbow

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To serve as a place where the youth can be empowered academically, mentally, physically and spiritually.  To instill high moral values, self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth through storytelling as well as through the arts.


To develop character in the youth of today, as well as play an intricate part in producing productive citizens.

The Lady who teaches that we should...



This unique storyteller has a way of telling stories where the characters in the story seem to come to life in the room!

Lady Rainbow is a fictional children's character whose specialty is in storytelling.  This dynamic storyteller gives children examples of choice, within her stories, allowing them to determine ways of dealing with peer pressure issues through problem resolution.  She also encourages them to "always do good as they know they should."  Her stories are designed to instill good moral values within the listening audience.  

Though storytelling is Lady Rainbow's specialty, she also hosts birthday parties, makes appearances at schools, fundraisers, festivals, children hospital wards and many others.  She does a dance to her theme song, titled Lady Rainbow, and makes learning fun as she plays games that challenge children to use their cognitive skills.


A charity that provides a safehaven for children and youth who have dealt with, or are presently experiencing, child abuse, chemical dependency, and/or mental illness. The Michael's Rose Foundation serves as a transitional house for these young people, while going through a difficult time.

Join us as we help to raise money to purchase a facility to accommodate the children.

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